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Le Studio sets a high priority on rewarding the effort and accomplishment of our gymnasts by providing them with an opportunity to participate in terrific competitions. We are a competitive gymnastics team. We measure our effort and progress by going on the competition floor to compete. We understand and agree that winning isn’t the most important thing we do, striving for excellence and trying to be our personal best is.

Le Studio believes in creating a fun, motivating and positive environment for athletes to learn gymnastics to their fullest potential. We feel strongly it is not the natural ability or “talent” of the child that is important, but the desire of the child to be involved in the sport of gymnastics and a willingness to put forth 100% effort to achieve that goal. We stress sportsmanship, dedication and an aggressive work ethic. We also understand a child must enjoy the sport of gymnastics so that they can fully appreciate the benefits of participation. Gymnastics is a fantastic sport with many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. The Le Studio Team Program‘s goal is for every competing gymnast to reach their individual potential no matter what skill level they attain.

Team Camaraderie

Team Camaraderie

Le Studio's Gold Team

Le Studio’s Gold Team

Competitive Team Information:

Le Studio participates in both of USA Gymnastics completive programs: Junior Olympic (JO) and Xcel.

The JO program is the old standard of gymnastics, and the larger program nationally.  Gymnasts compete at a level appropriate to their skill.  There are 10 levels, 1 being the easiest, and 10 being the most difficult.  Levels 1 and 2 are used as ‘developmental’ and at Le Studio are not competitive.  Levels 3, 4, and 5, have Compulsory routines.  Each gymnast in these levels will perform exactly the same skills and routines as the other gymnasts at that level.  Levels 6 – 10 have Optional routines, meaning that each gymnast can have a different routine.  There are difficulty and skill requirements for each optional level.  Generally a gymnast in the JO program can expect to move sequentially up through the levels of competition.  While some gymnasts may move up at a rate of one level per year, it is not unexpected for many gymnasts to stay at a given level for multiple years especially when moving from one optional level to another.  In most instances a gymnast cannot move down a level once she has competed at a higher level.  Broadly speaking, the JO program is ideal for dedicated gymnasts hoping to progress to a high level of competition.

In the Xcel program there are 5 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Bronze being the most Basic, and Diamond being the most advanced.  Gymnasts compete at a level appropriate to their skill.  All Xcel levels are ‘optional’ meaning each gymnast can have an individualized routine.  There are specific difficulty and skill requirements for each level, but they are generally less specific than the requirements in the JO program.  In many cases the Xcel program can be the best fit for gymnasts participating in multiple sports, or who have differing levels of ability on different events.

At Le Studio, we work to find the best competitive level for each gymnast, whether in the JO or Xcel program.  We do our best to ensure that each gymnast will be both challenged and successful at each level of competition.  The coaches decide on the level of competition for each team member in the fall and that level is held throughout that competitive year.  In some cases gymnasts may advance a level or switch between the JO and Xcel programs during a competitive year, but this is generally rare.  Level selection and advancement is based on the skills the gymnast is currently performing.  As coaches we welcome discussing the best options with each parent, but ultimately the decision on what level is appropriate will be made by the team coaches.

At Le Studio we allow gymnasts to switch between the Xcel and JO programs from one competitive year to the next so that they may be in the competition level that best meets their current abilities.  We view gymnasts in both the Xcel and JO programs as being part of the Le Studio Team, rather than as two separate teams.  Gymnasts in both programs train together and typically attend the same competitions.

The competitive season lasts from November – May with typically 1 to 3 competitions per month.  The summer and early fall months are used for training new skills.

For gymnasts who have never competed before, Le Studio runs a Pre Team program every summer.  This 4 hour per week training period will help get new gymnasts ready with the skills they need to compete at a beginning level.  Previous experience is not required to join the pre team though many will have had some recreational classes or other training.  At the end of the summer, gymnasts who have the desire and skill level needed, will be invited to join the Le Studio Team.

Beginning with the Xcel Bronze Level competitive gymnasts are required to attend at least 4 hours of practice per week.  As the level of skill and difficulty increases, gymnasts will need to increase there hours in the gym.  Level 3-6  and Xcel Silver and Gold must attend 9 hours or practice per week.  More advanced levels go up to as much as 16 hours or practice per week.  Generally the more time spent in practice the more successful the gymnast will be at competions and the quicker she will advance to the next level.

Gymnasts who have previously trained at other gyms and have moved to the area or are otherwise interested in joining the Le Studio team, should contact Le Studio. In most cases Le Studio will invite experienced gymnasts to join the team at the level appropriate for their skill.  Le Studio does not recruit gymnasts of any level, but we are welcoming to experienced gymnasts who wish to join our team.  Team members must attend practice at Le Studio and cannot also practice at other locations, with the exception of high school gymnasts, competing with their high school team.

For additional information and policies regarding the Le Studio team please see the team handbook.

Saluting gymnasts before meet

Le Studio’s Girls Xcel team ready for competition