Recreational Gymnastics

At Le Studio we provide high quality recreational gymnastics programs and events for children of all ages and abilities. Our classes are designed to improve each student’s motor skills, coordination, physical confidence and self-esteem. In order to achieve these goals our instructors teach their classes with fun and challenging exercises. We encourage our gymnasts to excel under all circumstances and offer programs for those children with the interest and determination to progress quickly.

Recreational classes are offered for ages 6-18 (for younger ages check out preschool gymnastics). Students are grouped by age and ability, and we will make recommendations based on your child’s experience and age.  Boys and girls are typically grouped in separate classes.  Our current class schedule can be found here.

Recreational classes are ideal for new and beginner gymnasts to try out the sport, learning basic skills, while building strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.  Recreational classes are also great for gymnasts with more experience who are not interested in competing.

Classes make use of all the completive events and training apparatus in the gym.  Girls classes focus on the four competitive woman’s events: Floor, Balance Beam, Vault, and Uneven Bars.  Boys classes focus on the six men’s competitive events: Floor, Vault, Rings, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars and High Bar.  However, all events are sometimes used for training purposes by all students.   In addition we make good use of our tumble track (linear trampoline) for teaching tumbling, and other apparatus for training strength, coordination, aerial awareness and other skills.

Specific classes are usually taught by the same coach every week.  However there can be coach changes from week to week.  In some cases coaches may share a given class or switch groups of students part way through a class.

Because of our busy gym schedule, not all classes will necessarily get to every piece of equipment every single class.  We cycle through a class schedule so that each month approximately the same amount of training time will be spent on each event.


Flipping into the pit

Flipping into the pit