What is LeStudio’s payment policy?

Tuition for classes is charged monthly.  The payment for each month is due at your child’s first class of the month.  (The summer session runs more than one month, payment in full is due at you child’s first class)

Your tuition is based on an annual Fall – Spring amount that is divided into 9 equal monthly installments (September – May) and a single class fee in June which is added to the May tuition payment.  Because of the days shifting in the calendar and holidays, some months have 3 lessons, most will have 4 and some have 5, however the payment is always the same, because it is based on one ninth of the annual figure.

There is also an annual $25 registration fee, per student.  Being a registered gives you reduced pricing on open gym and other events.

The summer session (Late June-August) is a single payment due by the first class.

Day Camps run during the summer are charged for by the week, payment is due on the first day.

The competitive teams have additional fees that are discussed in the Team Parent Handbook.